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ika ade join group kedai eco. group design rumah guna barang eco. kakak ika ade la kirim kat ika magic sponge yang tengah viral tu. sebab kat kawasan rumah dia susah nak dapat. biasalah bila benda tengah viral memang cepat habis lah kan. ika pon 2,3 kali jugak pegi baru dapat magic sponge tu.

so, bila kakak ika dah pakai tu, dia cakap memang betui la magic sponge tu ok. sangat ok. makanya kakak ika nak lagilah. ika memang takde masa sangat dah nak p cari barang tu. lastnya kakak ika mintak belikan magic sponge dalam laman web Shopee. masa tu tawakal je lah ok ke tak sponge tu.

Features: - Use it with water only, do not need liquid detergent. - This cleaning magic sponge removes stain or dirt with water. - This sponge can be cut into any size for a suitable shape and it's a strong multi-functional cleaner. - Try the eraser on car interiors, stove, sink, basin, bathroom, tiles, stainless steel, scribbles table, rubber shoes and floor & etc - Material: melamine foam How to use: 1. Absorb water with this Magic Sponge Eraser and squeeze out water gently with both your palm. DO NOT twist the sponge or it will tear off easily. 2. Gently rub sponge on dirty surface to remove the dirts and smudges. 3. Rinse off the dirt on sponge with water in between use. 4. Dry it after use. 5. Dispose of properly after multiple uses. 6. It can be used with different size by cutting with knife or scissors according to your purpose. Caution: 1. Do not scrub too hard, it may cause sponge broken. 2. Before use test a non visible section of the surface to be cleaned. 3. Do not use on Glossy(Waxing), polished surface like Car, Monitor Screen and others. 4. Do not rub on skin or animals.(Recommend to use gloves when you use it) 5. Do not ingest. (if ingested seek immediate medical attention) Size: approximately 10 x 6 x 2 in cm

ika beli magic sponge nie dengan kedai Great Value House. korang boleh tengok link kedai nie kat sini, kalau nak tengok barang yang ika beli nie, boleh klik sini, ika belikan dekat kakak ika 10 ketul magic sponge nie. Alhamdulillah kakak ika cakap magic sponge yang nie pon ok. mula tu dia risau jugak. tapi bila dah pakai, kakak cakap ok je sama macam yang beli sebelum tu.


  1. Tp dgr kabarnya tak sama dgn mr diy punya kan.

  2. menarik!nak tengok keberkesanan dia jgk. satu entry lagi pls.haha


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