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masa Janna nak masuk umur 6 bulan, ika ade lah buat persiapan untuk buat makanan Janna macam puri tu. so, ika pon belilah blender khas untuk makanan Janna sahaja. memang ika takmau campur dengan blender yang sedia ada kat dapur tu. ika survey 2-3 bijik blender jugak. akhirnya ika decide untuk beli Premium Quality Blender Capsule Cutter Quatre (4 Powerful Blade) nie.

macam biasa, lubuk shopping ika adalah Shopee. kalau korang tengok harga kat atas tu, RM39.00. ye ika beli dengan harga tu laa. kat Shopee, korang akan jumpa macam-macam harga. macam ika, ika suka baca review sebelum beli. ika beli blender nie dengan kedai Pro_Shop. korang boleh klik sini, untuk ke laman kedai Pro_Shop. untuk tengok blender nie pulak, boleh klik sini,

This product is suitable for cut and chop, paste and mix, crush and powder because there are four sharp blades, power is sufficient. You put food materials and assemble the machine body then press downwards. It is convenient and clean because where you can clean every part of the machine by just take out the parts except for the machine body.
Capsule Cutter Quatre contain 4 powerful blade which can easily crush any kind of soft or hard ingredients, such as commercially available ice cubes or frozen fruit.It can also perfectly chop mince meat and vegetable dishes as well. Fluffy shaved ice and fruit 100% healthy gelato can also hand-made through this product ■ size: width 116 x d 116 x 233 mm ■ weight: 1.02kg ■ estimated amount: up to approx. 200 g (Cup MAX line before) ■ material: main body: ABS resin cover Cup: Triton blade: stainless steel ■ power consumption: 200 W ■ voltage rating: 100V 50 / 60 Hz ■ cable length: 1 m

setakat yang ika dah pakai nie, Alhamdulillah okey. ika dah blend carrot, brocolli, kurma dan banyak lagilah. ika pernah blend bubur jugak dalam tu untuk bagi lagi halus. memang texture dia jadi halus. yang kat atas tu, ika blend biskut Heinz. nak buat biskut kurma untuk Janna. biskut tu ika blend bagi hancur, then tabur atas biskut kurma yang ika buat untuk Janna. nanti kalau ade masa, ika share resipi bikut kurma tu pulak ye.

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