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baru-baru nie ika ada belikan Janna satu mainan. ika belika Janna cooling teether sebab ika tengok dia sekarang asyik nak menggigit je. so, ika pon carilah mainan nie secara online di Shopee. first choice ika mestilah Pigeon.

korang kalau tengok kat Pigeon Malaysiahttps://shopee.com.my/pigeonmalaysia, korang akan jumpa macam-macam bentuk cooling teether nie. lagi satu, cooling teether nie sesuai untuk baby 4bulan ke atas. ika beli masa Janna 3bulan lebih tapi ika bagi dia main cooling teether nie masa dia dah masuk 4bulan.

ika tak belikan mainan ape pon kat Janna buat masa sekarang sebab tak berminat lagi. hahahaha ! lagipun papanya pon taknak bagi main sangat mainan yang keras-keras tu. so, bagi je lah cooling teether yang lembik nie. kalau korang nak tengok cooling teether yang ika beli nie, boleh tengok kat sini, https://shopee.com.my/product/15032448/123468263/.

 stimulates the development of baby's mouth and fingers
 ideal shape for baby to chew and grasp
 same soft material all-around teether - babies will not chew on anything too hard
 when baby starts to teeth, the teether can be placed in the refrigerator to soothe baby's gums
 may be used as educational tool for babies to recognise fruits
 translucent material to monitor water level in teether
 filled with tested sterilized water and is completely safe for baby

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