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hari nie nak review movie lagik . kali nie nak review Ip Man 3 pulak . ika memang mengikuti ip man nie dari awal lagi . so, masa suami ajak tengok movie nie, memang laju je lah ikut . hahahaha ! :P



The film is set in 1959, when Ip Man is seen settling into his low-profile life in Hong Kong after decades of his struggles.

The film begins with a young Bruce Lee coming to visit Ip and ask to become one of his student. After demonstrating his speed to Ip, Lee left as Ip appeared to be totally uninterested. Ip's younger son, Ip Ching was seen fighting with another boy, Cheung Fung, at school, with both boys ending up with minor injuries. 

Wing Sing, Ip's wife along with Ip was asked by Miss Wong, the boys' class teacher to go to the school. To apologise, the Ips family invited Cheung home for dinner. At Ip's house, Cheung displayed rudimentary yet impressive Wing Chun skills. When Ip asked the boy who his mentor is, it was revealed it was the boy's father, Cheung Tin Ching who was his teacher, before Cheung arrived to take his boy home.

Cheung was seen fighting in black market boxing race and having a streak of victories. The black market organiser, Ma King Sheung, a local triad leader, was seen not only organising the contests but also working for Frank, an American property developer.Frank gave orders to Ma to acquire a piece of land for his development, which a school on it must be acquired,closed and demolished. Ma assured that it would be done within 2 weeks. Meanwhile, Frank was impressed by Cheung's Wing Chun skills.

The next day, when Ip was picking up his boy from school, he saw Ma and his men coercing and beating the headmaster of the school to sell the land and was refused. Ip interfered and beat Ma to a pulp, but was forced to let Ma go as Ma's men were holding Miss Wong at knife point. Ip seek help from Fatso, a close friend of Yip and a local police detective. Fatso agreed to help but claimed a shortage of manpower. Ip had to protect the school alongside his students.

That night, Ip and his students protected the school. Lik, Ip's oldest student developed a crush on Miss Wong, but the latter promptly rejected his advance. However, Ma's men came and wrecked damages. Despite the Ip's prowess and his students, they were outnumbered and the gang was able to kidnap the headmaster and burned a few classrooms. The headmaster was rescued by a passing by Cheung. Cheung's skills impressed Ip.

Tin, a local martial master, who was Ma's former mentor, was enraged by Ma's unscrupulous acts and went to Ma's shipyard and slapped him in front of his men alongside Ip. Ip was able to stop Ma from attempting to stab Tin. Fatso arrived and stop everyone before things go out of hand.

Ma, who was humiliated by Tin, hired Cheung to break Tin's arm. Desperate for money to open his own martial arts school, Cheung accepted the offer. Meanwhile, Wing Sing was diagnosed with cancer.

Cheung fought Tin in his umbrella shop and defeated him with relative ease and broke his arm. Ip received a call from the hospital and visited Tin. Upon knowing that Tin did not call him, Ip soon realised that it was a trap set up by Ma to lure him from the school so that his gang can kidnap some of the students including Ip Ching and Cheung Fung. 

Ma warned that if the headmaster did not sell him the school, he would sell the kids as slaves. Ip arrived at Ma's shipyard and was outnumbered while Ma held Ip Ching at knife point. Upon knowing his son was also kidnapped, Cheung arrived and fight alongside Ip. Ip and Cheung were able to hold their own until Fatso arrived with his men to arrest the gang, while Ma fled and was later fired by Frank.

Returning home, Ip was told by Wing Sing about her condition and she can only live for 6 more months. While taking Wing Sing to a Chinese clinic, Ip was attacked by a Thai Boxer who was sent by Frank after Ma's failure to eliminate Ip. Ip was able to defeat the boxer after a few moves. Fatso later told Ip about Frank who would eliminate Ip at all costs for obstructing his plans. Ip decided to face Frank in his office. Frank challenged Ip for a fight to see whose fist is the fastest and if Ip can withstand his fists for three minutes, he would leave the school, Ip and his family alone, Ip accepted. 

From the outset, Ip was seemingly overwhelmed by the sheer muscle and force of Frank who dominated the fight thoroughly. However, Ip changed his tactics and increased his speed and was able to launch a few punches on Frank. Just as both was about to launch a decisive blow on each other, 3 minutes had passed. Ip left the office and Frank seemed impressed and kept his promise.

Cheung opened his martial arts school and claimed that his Wing Chun Skills is genuine while Ip's was not. Cheung proceeded to defeat a number of martial artists and challenged Ip to a final showdown. Ip, however, was preoccupied accompanying his wife for her remaining days and did not attend the fight and Cheung was declared the winner. Wing Sing, despite was happy for Ip staying with her, made an appointment with Cheung for fighting Ip as she knew that Ip would accept that challenge if not for her condition.

Wing Sing accompanied Ip to the challenge. They first fought with sticks which Ip and Cheung fought to a standstill. They then fought knives with Ip seeming to win narrowly. When Cheung lost his knives, Ip threw his away. They proceeded to a fight without weapons. They both seemed evenly matched, with both delivering blows to each other. 

However, Cheung was able to launch a blow to Ip's right eye, temporarily blinding him. Cheung's victory seemed certain, but Ip was able to evade Cheung's following hits with his hearing and beat Cheung with a one-inch punch, despite not being able to see. Defeated, Cheung relinquished his title as the Champion of Wing Chun. Ip asked him to spend more time with his son and left with Wing Sing.

The ending of the film told the audience that Wing Sing passed away in 1960, and Ip made Wing Chun internationally well known.

credit : wiki 

movie nie besttt . tapi sedih last tu sebab wife dia mati . ape pon jalan cerita memang best . tak membosankan . dan sangat tak rugi untuk ditonton ;)


  1. saya dah tengok...best..snagt....ip tetap no 1..dlm cerita ini.....

  2. Okey ! skip part sinopsis.. haha

    Tak sabar nak tengok sendiri.. tapi, kenapa isteri dia mati ? alaaa


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