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baru-baru ika sempat la pegi tengok wayang movie The Penguins of Madagascar nie dengan kawan . baru je kuar, kitorang terus pegi tengok . kebetulan masa tu ade masa free, so tengok je lah . cam biasa, kitorang memang suka tengok wayang time pagi sebab orang tak ramai sangat :P


A spin-off from the DreamWorks Animated franchise, "Madagascar", the penguins are back with a new mission. Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private embark on their very own spy thriller where hilarity is just a webbed feet away that's sure to follow with this gang. Also joining the regular penguins' voice cast are the voices of Benedict Cumberbatch, John Malkovich and Ken Jeong among others. 

meh ika kenalkan korang dengan Penguins dalam movie nie :)

Skipper (voiced by Tom McGrath) - Skipper is the leader of the penguins. He devises tactics and gives orders. Calculating and nearly unflappable, Skipper's raving paranoia and tendency to view even the most ordinary activities as a military operation, combined with his experience in covert ops, has driven him to prepare for nearly any situation, no matter how bizarre or unlikely.

Rico (voiced by John DiMaggio) - Rico is the team's weapons and explosives specialist, who mainly communicates through grunts and squeals, but sometimes he can speak rather normally. Slightly unhinged, Rico swallows useful tools, such as dynamite, and regurgitates them when needed, to the point of regularly regurgitating objects that appear to be too large for him to have swallowed in the first place.

Kowalski (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - Kowalski acts as the group strategist and gadgeteer. Kowalski is a brilliant inventor, but he cannot read (although he does carry around a clipboard upon which he records drawings of their plans). He also tends to over-analyze situations and has created many amazing devices which have put the team in danger.

Private (voiced by James Patrick Stuart) - Private is the emotionally sensitive rookie of the group. Though younger and less experienced than the other penguins, he is the most down to earth; Private tends to offer simpler, more commonsense solutions in response to Skipper and Kowalski's complex strategies (although he also shows an unusual interest in unicorns on occasion). Private speaks with a middle-class British accent (as opposed to American voices for Skipper and Kowalski) .

meh ika review la sikit mengenai movie nie . pada pendapat ika movie nie biasa je . ada part yang lucu . ada part yang suram . btw, Private tu memang comel sangat haih . geram bila tengok si Dave sotong tu . jahat sangat ! 

si Dave tu cuba jadikan semua penguin bertukar kepada raksasa yang hodoh sebab dia jeles dengan penguin . penguin kan comel . so, bila dekat zoo, kebanyakan pengunjung lebih tertarik kepada penguin berbanding sotong . sebab itulah Dave marah . so, dia hasilkan satu virus untuk jadikan penguin bertukar kepada raksasa .

 so, nak tengok kesudahannye camne ? p tengok wayang ! hahahahahahaha .

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