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the latest movie yang ika dapat tengok . sebenarnya rasa nak sangat-sangat tengok movie nie . disebabkan tengok trailer dia macam best je, itu yang eksaited nak pegi tengok movie nie . thanks la ye sebab sudi turutkan kehendak pukpuk nie . hahahaha ! 

so, meh la ika review sikit movie nie .



Tobey Marshall is a former race car driver who owns an upstate New York garage, where he and his friends tune performance cars. Struggling to make ends meet, he and his crew participate in street races after hours. 

One day, Dino Brewster, Tobey's former rival, arrives at his garage with a Shelby Mustang that Carroll Shelby had worked on before his death. Dino wants Tobey and his crew to complete the project in exchange for 25% of the car's estimated selling price of $2 million. Despite objections from the crew, Tobey agrees to the deal.

Upon completion of the project, the Shelby Mustang is put up for auction at a party. Tobey and Dino meet Julia, an Englishwoman who agrees to pay $3 million if the car can go over 230 mph, as Tobey claims. The next morning at a nearby track, Tobey gets the Mustang to reach 234 mph, prompting Julia to purchase it for $2.7 million. Later, Dino challenges Tobey and his partner Little Pete to race his father's three illegally imported Koenigsegg Ageras from his mansion to a bridge over the interstate. If Tobey wins, he gets Dino's 75% of the Mustang deal; if he loses, he gives up his 25%. 

During the race, Dino tags Little Pete's car, sending it flipping down a ravine before bursting into flames. Dino disappears from the scene, and Tobey is sent to jail for involuntary manslaughter, as there is no evidence pointing to Dino's involvement.

Two years later, Tobey is released on parole and he sets out to avenge Little Pete's death. He is able to borrow the Shelby Mustang he had worked on. Tobey and Julia set to enter the De Leon, a winner-take-all race organized by local DJ Monarch; for this, they have to reach San Francisco before the race starts in two days. 

The Shelby Mustang causes an interstate chase with police and other racers, as Dino offers his Lamborghini Sesto Elemento to anyone who can stop Tobey from entering the race. In Utah, the Shelby Mustang is forced off-road by a couple of trucks that surround it by a cliff, but Maverick, a member of Tobey's crew, appears in a helicopter and tows the Shelby Mustang mid-air to the Bonneville Salt Flats, where Tobey's crew awaits them. 

Tobey and Julia manage to arrive in San Francisco to register for the race, but Julia is hospitalized after a truck driven by one of Dino's henchmen broadsides the Shelby Mustang. Anita, Dino's girlfriend and Little Pete's sister, has become aware of Dino's plans. She searches his computer and discovers the Koenigsegg that killed Little Pete is stored in a local warehouse. Anita gives Tobey the location of the car, as well as her engagement ring from Dino.

The next morning, Tobey surprised Dino by not only showing up in the Koenigsegg, but also by giving him Anita's ring. Following a grueling race that sees several cars eliminated, Tobey and Dino race side-by-side along the Pacific Coast Highway. Dino attempts to push Tobey off the road, but Tobey slams the brakes, causing Dino's car to crash and catch fire. Tobey sees the finish line, but turns around to pull Dino from the flames. 

After rescuing his adversary Tobey does finish and win the race, but then both he and Dino are arrested by the California Highway Patrol. With the missing Koenigsegg found, Dino is sent to jail for Little Pete's death. Tobey serves six months for illegal street racing before he is once again released, and reunites with Julia in a 2015 Ford Mustang. He's informed by Julia and the rest of the crew that Maverick has been released from prison early for good behavior. The couple try to get to Utah in five hours for an unnamed reason.

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panjangnye sinopsis . wkwkwkwkw :3 . sebenarnya citer dia camnie je . si Tobey nie memang suka racing . then, di Dino nie cabar la kan dia race bagai sebab Dino nie dah panas hati la . pastu ade la kejadian yang menyebabkan Tobey berdendam dengan Dino sampaikan Tobey tu kena masuk dalam penjara untuk 2 tahun . keluar je, Tobey teruskan misi balas dendam dia demi kawan baiknya . camtu la lebih kurang .

seriously movie nie memang best . serius . tak tipu :)

happy watching !


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