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nak review satu lagi movie . yang nie ika p tengok kat panggung wayang . masa ika pegi tengok nie, tak penuh pon dalam panggung wayang tu sebab kalau ika tak silap time tu dah minggu terakhir movie nie ditayangkan kat panggung wayang tu . so, memang tak ramai orang . boleh kira kot berapa orang je . hahahaha



Based on a true story, director Peter Berg's Lone Survivor stars Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster, and Emile Hirsch as four Navy SEALs whose sensitive mission into Afghan mountains is unexpectedly compromised, leading to a fierce skirmish with a small army of Taliban soldiers .

The year is 2005 . In the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks, the War in Afghanistan is well under way when military intelligence learns that a senior Taliban member is hiding out in a remote village deep in the Hindu Kush mountains of Kunar Province . Convinced that his capture or killing could turn the tide of the difficult war in favor of the United States, the Navy SEALs hatch Operation Red Wings .

The goal is simple - - send a select team of soldiers to stake out the village from the surrounding mountains, and move on their target when the time is right . Under the leadership of Liutenant Michael Murphy (Kitsch), Marcus Luttrell (Wahlberg), Matt Axelson (Foster), and Danny Dietz (Hirsch) reach their checkpoint, and quickly realize that another nearby hill will provide a better vantage spot .

Shortly after arriving at the new location and getting a positive ID on their target, however, the soldiers are cught off guard by three wandering shepherds, including a young boy . Ultimately, a heated vote over what to do with the captured shepherds leads Lt. Murphy to decide that the best course of action is to abide by the rules of engagement, meaning that the soldiers will abort the mission, release the captives, and retreat to their extraction point .

Shortly after the shepherds are set free, however, the four SEALs find themselves surrounded by dozens of Taliban soldiers, and engaged in a fierce gunfight that - - with the aid some truly brave villagers - - only one of them will make it out of . 

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mesti tak bape faham kan sinopsis tu ? hahahaha . jenuh dok cari sinopsis dalam bahasa melayu . yang jumpa nya dalam bahasa indonesia . erm . so, ika pon ambik yang bahasa inggeris la . dan movie nie cerita tentang kejadian sebenar . memang berlaku .

bagi ika movie nie best la jugak . memang ika tak minat pon movie perang-perang nie . ehhh . kalau korang jenis yang tahan tengok darah atau tembak-tambak ke ape ke, ika syorkan takyah la tengok movie nie . sbb movie nie banyak benda camtu . hahahaha . ika tengok pon sambil tido . ehhh

tapi kalau korang jenis suka tengok citer aksi, elok sangatlah tengok citer nie . ika tengok pon tak berapa faham sebab kejap tengok, kejap tido . hahaha . orang main tembak-tembak pon siap boleh tido . dasatttt :P

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