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movie seterusnya yang ika tengok selepas Dhoom 3 iaitu Police Story 2013 . yang nie ika p tengok wayang dengan housemate ika . heeee



Although not considered a sequel to the previous films in the franchise, Police Story 2013 will netherless still incorporate many characteristics of the classic cop movie . The story begins when all of the customers in a pub are suddenly kidnapped and held hostage .

Among the customers are criminal police officer, Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) and his rebellious daughter Miaomiao (Jing Tian) . The kidnapper is the pub's owner, Wu Jiang (Liue Ye), who is hoping to use his hostages to secure the release of a criminal who has been imprisoned for many years .

Review :

review ika untuk movie nie, ika rasa movie nie best . tu pada pendapat ika la . jalan cerita dia pon kiranya berlaku dalam satu malam sahaja . dalam satu malam itulah diorang kena setelkan segala bagai masalah dalam pub tu . its just 'balas dendam' sahaja . kasih sayang seorang abang untuk adiknya . jalan cerita yang menarik :)


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