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nak meng'review' satu lagik movie yang ika dah tengok baru-baru nie . hehehe . movie nie ika tengok kat pawagam dengan kawan ika . mula-mula tu ika nak tengok movie lain . last-last kitorang tengok jugak movie nie . hehehe



What it lacks in rhythm and logic, World War Z more than makes up for with Brad Pitt's intelligent performance and semse of thrilling scale .

He hasn't played the action hero for a while, and while his rather grungy, long-haired family man is very much the reluctant zombie killer, he brings the much-needed charisma required to balance the consequences of a worldwide walking-dead epidemic .

It is more of a blend of Contagion (for the pandemic scariness) and 28 Days Later (for the fast-moving undead) than your traditional zombie flick, and its sense of drama and thrills come from its international scale .

A stunning opening sequence sees Lane and his family desperately escaping the ravenous hordes in the streets of Philadelphia to hole up in a barricaded apartment for the night . After a rooftop escape they are shipped to an aircraft carrier where the global terror of the zombie invasion is revealed .

Forced into helping find the source of the evil, Lane finds himself part of a SEAL team in Korea before working his way to Israel where he finds more clues .

There is a great scene which feature zombies laying siege to the walls of Jerusalem, before Lane is on the last flight out of the country and off to a special lab near Cardiff seeking answers .

credit sinopsis HERE :)

bagi ika movie nie best tapi menyeramkan . hahaha . mana la ika nak tengok movie yang banyak part mengejut . tambah pulak part zombie tu . adoii . nak luruh jantung nie . part potong tangan tu pon sama . haiyaaaa ! sangat menakutkan . hahaha . tapi still best .

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  1. ok lah filem nie...cuma remy tak bekenan dgn propaganda israel tu.......


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