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baru-baru nie ika ada tengok movie lagik . movie yang paling ika eksaited nak tengok . Despicable Me 2 ! yeahhhhh ! disebabkan dulu dah tengok Despicable Me, so lagilah eksaited nak tengok sambungannya pulak . ditambah pulak dengan minions yang cute !

eksaited nak tengok Despicable Me 2 :)



Reformed super villain Gru (Steve Carell), the girls and the unpredictably yellow hilarious minions are back with a new adventure in this sequel to Despicable Me .

This time, the Anti-Villain League consults Gru for help when they find themselves dealing with new super criminal Eduardo (Benjamin Bratt) . In order to stop him, Gru teams up with Lucy (Kristin Wiig), a secret agent and his new love interest .

movie nie best ! hahaha . gelak je dalam pawagam tu . minions tu comel !! hehehe . jalan cerita pon menarik . so, tak boring pon dalam pawagam tu sebab dok gelak je sepanjang citer tu . thumbs up :)


  1. bestnyaaa dah tengok.. ena monster universiti pun belum tengok lagi.. ='( nak tngok!!! bilalah ada masa ni

  2. minions sangat comel.hihi. kite bg 5 bintang ^^


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