30 Days Picture Challenge

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera to all readers ^_^

..ika terjumpa challenge lagi mase blogwalking..
..terjumpa kt blog Cikk Supergirl..
..so, nak join la..
..isi masa lapang :) hahaha


day 01 - a picture of you truly being yourself .
day 02 - a picture you're tagged in on facebook that you aren't actually in
day 03 - a picture of a time in your life that you miss
day 04 - a picture of a hard time in your life you overcame
day 05 - a picture of you with a fake smile
day 06 - a picture of you when you were a different person than you're now
day 07 - a picture of your pets
day 08 - a picture of you with someone you love
day 09 - a picture of how you'd like the world to see you
day 10 - a picture of a time when everything was changing

day 11 - a picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest
day 12 - a picture that makes you laugh
day 13 - a picture of the person you do the craziest things with
day 14 - a picture of something you hate
day 15 - a picture of something you love
day 16 - a picture of someone you could never imagine your life without
day 17 - a picture of yourself and a family member
day 18 - a picture of something you’re afraid of.
day 19 - a picture of you in your room
day 20 - a picture of you making a ducky face at the camera.

day 21 - a picture you miiiiiiiiight have edited to make yourself more attractive.
day 22 - a picture of a time in your life that’s over, but you wish wasn’t.
day 23 - a picture of your annoying face
day 24 - a picture of your dream room
day 25 - a picture of your favourite gadget
day 26 - a picture of your school/college/university
day 27 - a picture of you favourite mom-cooking dishes
day 28 - a picture of something you do when you're under stress
day 29 - a picture of your condition on exam week
day 30 - a picture of your beauty/handsome smile

..korang nak join?
..jom ^_^


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