Love & Hope I’m in the process to FORGET & FORGIVE..
.. the best thing for us now is to forget about each other..
..and we should start a new life. should try to accepting her.. are not for me..
..I’m aware of the speculation too late..
..I’m seek for you and her forgiveness..

..she’s the best for you..
..I know she can makes you happy..
..I know she can makes you feel comfortable..
..I know she can loves you more than I do..
..I know she can gives you everything..

..I love the way you treat me..
..I love the way you talk to me..
..I love the way you sing for me..
..I love the way you smile..
..I love the way you eat..
..I love the way you look at me..
..I don’t love the way you LOVE me.. makes me hurt..

..I’m begging you..
..please do HATE me..
..please do FORGET me..

..I’m begging you..
..please do LOVE her..
..please do makes her HAPPY..
..please do ACCEPT her..

..she did everything for you..
..she cares for you..
..she had sacrified everything..
..but me? ..
..I do nothing for you..

..this is the best way for us.. start a new life.. start a new journey.. start a new love..

..insyaAllah I’ll be fine..
..I always pray the best for you and her.. happy..
..keep on smiling..

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Don’t find love, let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love, because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just fall. :)

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