tagged banyak tanya betul by cik dira

..ika dapat tagged drpd cik dira..
..sori ek cik dira sbb ika baru buat..
..pe yg menarik tentang tagged nie adalah namanye..
..tag banyak tanya betul..
..kelakar kn?

..jom kita layan instruction dia..
..once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly..tQ

Person who tagged : cik dira
Starting time : 1.15 am

Name : ika puk puk
Full name : noor atikah ramli
Sibling(s): 8

eye colour :  brown.ha3
Shoe size : 5
Hair : black
Height: 154 cm
What are you wearing right now : t shirt n track
Where do you live : kota bharu, kelantan
Favourite number : 7

Favourite drink : honey dew shake
Favourite month : julai
Favourite breakfast : nasi lemak

-Have you ever-

Broken a bone : ye
Been in a police car : tak
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : ye
Swam in the ocean : tak
Fallen asleep in school : ye
Broken someone's heart : ye
Cried when someone died : ye
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : ye
Saved e-mails : ye
Been cheated on : ye


Your room look like : tadika
What is right beside you : chaku
What is the last thing you ate : KFC

-Ever Had-

Chicken pox : pernah..mase form 4
Sore throat : pernah..hu3

-Do You-

Believe in love at first sight : tak cayer..
Like picnics? : sgt2 like. =)


Who did you last yell at? : diri sendiri.. =(
Who was the last person you danced with? : xpenah2 ika menari.ha3
Who last made you smile? : super hero ika =)

-Final Questions-

What are you listening to right now? : dendam dalam diam by nora
What did you do today?: g suk, klinik, kfc, kb..
Are you the oldest? : xla..hu3..ika ade 6 org lg yg sblum ika..
Indoors or outdoors? :outdoors cm picnic.. =)

-Last person who-

You talked to on the phone ?: dia
Made you cry? : dia
You went to the mall with ? : abg ipar
Who cheered you up ? : ika

-Have you-

Been to Mexico ? : tak pernah.
Been to USA ? : tak pernah


What books are you reading right now? : database
Best feeling in the world? : ble dapat anak patung <3
Future kids name? : start dgn huruf I.K.A..means ade 3 name la.ha3
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : tak
What's under your bed? : kotak
Favourite sport (s) : badminton
Favourite place : pantai
Who do you really hate? : xde sape2 pon setakat nie..
Do you have a job? : I am blogger.ha3
What time is it now?: 1.28 am

p/s : with however long it took you to complete this, post as " banyak tanya betul!" and tag 15 people.

..nnt ika gtau kt shoutbox korang yer..
..cm biase la..



  1. banyaknya soalan..hehehe..
    rajin ika wat yer..

  2. kalau pjaz
    sampai kebas2 la tgn ni,hehe

  3. pjaz :: latihan menaip..

  4. pjaz :: kamooo pon patut buat bnda nie..huhuhu

  5. Cik ika ade award untuk anda


  6. byknye soalan..hihi....

    dah byk tahu pasal ika :)

    ika, akak ada tag contest..kalau ada mase join lah ye..


  7. miss yaty :: huhuhu..
    t ade mase, ika join k..
    thanks =)


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