out wif sis mawar

..hepinyer hari nie..
..pergi jalan2 ngn akak mawar ucuk kat kbmall kb..
..fes, ika n akak jalan2..
..window shopping~~..
..akak pon beli la baju utk my “BELOVED” bro..
..beloved ke?? ..
..then, kite pergi “eat” kt mc d..
..this puk2 girl eat a lots..

..ika mkn ayam 2 ketul + air coke 1gelas + fries + oreo mcflurry..
..but my stomach still not full..

..then, akak beli plak strawberi coklat..
..i didn’t try it before this..
..BUT, its so delicious..

..after kb mall, we fly to d kb city..
..ika teman akak “cut” your hair..
..that’s “MEK” and her daughter are so friendly..
..like it!!..
..lepas tu, akak belikan ika gelang..
..akak 1, ika 1..
..mcm buy 1, free 1 la plak..

..lastly, kite pergi parkson..
..2nd time for me..

..kite pergi MUHIBBAH..
..time to buy food..
..akak belikan ika fruit ship + lutut pizza..
..wanna try that funny “LUTUT” pizza..
..so delicious la akak...

..thanks so much KAK MAWAR..
..love you..

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